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About Community Outreach for the Deaf, Inc.
Our Vision

To stand in a community free of barriers for the Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing individuals and their families.

  To provide equal opportunity to deaf and hard of hearing individuals so they can participate in everything that Broward community has to offer.

To provide equal access, support, and resources available to Deaf individuals through advocacy, referral services, and training.

Creating equal opportunities for the Deaf community, and extending knowledge from the youngest to the eldest in the Deaf community.


Elaine is a native Floridian and would prefer to live no other place! The Deaf community has been apart of her life for 26 years. Elaine currently holds an AA in Elementary Education, an AS in Sign Language Interpreting, and holds a BA and Master's degree in Psychology. She is currently Certified with NAD (National Association for the Deaf and NIC (National Interpreting Cetification).

It is her desire to be an advocate and encouragement for the Deaf Community, and stand up for the rights they have so often been denied.


Brenda is a Nicaraguan native, and an expert working with non-profit agencies, providing Career Counseling to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, counseling, and employment guidance.

In 2009, Brenda completed the Sign Language Interpreting program at Miami- Dade College and currently working towards her Interpreting National Certification.

In 2010, Brenda completed her Bachelor degree in Business Management at Phoenix University, and currently working in her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, focusing in the field of Mental Health at Trinity International University. 

Brenda is eager to use her Educational and Employment skills to continue serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing community as a Family Therapist. 

Dr. Freadda Zeigler, VP

Freadda is also a native of Florida, but spent her school years in Denver Colorado. Freadda has over 15 years experience working in management and social services. She is knowledgeable about Florida's Medicaid waiver programs, and has a passion for helping Seniors in the community.

Freadda has a doctorate degree in Psychology, specializing in Organizational development, and an expert in soft skills training. 

Freadda enjoys encouraging any population that is in need of help and direction, and focuses her efforts on teaching soft skills and leadership/managerial skills to individuals, groups and partner agencies.